Yesss, welcome to my blog. My name is Lennart and I started this blog as an outlet for my weekly (or daily depending on how much time I have) music strolls and adventures throughout the internet.

I also deejay under the name of Beppie Kraftwerk. One of the reasons I started deejaying, in a not so recent past, is the same reason I started this blog: just to share awesome new music. My experience is that people on the dancefloor don’t  always want to hear new music but that they mostly want to hear music they know. So, again this is why you are reading this page right now.

What can you expect: mostly alternative electronic music. My focus has always been on bass infused music so you will probably see most posts about tracks or genres concerning this style (with or without a tropical vibe). But then again I will just post about anything I like, old or new. This can be from cheesy songs to defining tracks in a partical subgenre I’ve just discovered. Sometimes my posts will be more in depth, sometimes my posts will just be brain farts. The main reason is that I can share whatever I feel like. I have a gabber past so don’t get scared if you hear some crazy breakcore stuff sometimes.

Blogs I like: Generation Bass, Do Androids Dance, Tropical Bass, Walmer Fucking Convenience, Enchufada, ThisSongIsSick, Xlr8r, Pitchfork, FACTmag, 3voor12 etc.

Other stuff I like: boobs and wine.


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